Appellate Advocacy

A case on appeal requires an attorney with a different set of skills than trial counsel may possess.  An indepth, academic knowledge of legal issues and ability to write persuasively about those issues is essential.  At Kabrhel Compston, our attorneys are uniquely skilled at brief writing and oral advocacy in both criminal and civil appeals, and have successfully represented clients in appellate courts throughout the country.   


Litigation and Appellate Consulting

Our attorneys regularly collaborate with other attorneys and law firms to develop and implement successful litigation strategies and to identify preserve issues for appeal.  The services we typically provide range from pretrial risk assessment and strategy to the research and drafting of pretrial motions, to the preparation of trial and appellate briefs.  We also consult with advocacy organizations in the preparation of amicus briefs to Appellate Courts.


Business and Consumer Disputes

Kabrhel Compston represents clients in all manner of business and consumer disputes.  Our clients rely on us for everthing from small collection matters to large breach of contract and deceptive business practice claims.  Many consumers and small businesses fail to seek assistance from counsel to protect their legal rights because they believe their claims are too small or the costs will be too high.  At Kabrhel Compston, our goal is to provide our clients with realistic, cost effective legal planning.  A short strategy session with our attorneys often results in an effective strategy for resolving our clients' claims. 


Business and Corporate Law

At Kabrhel Compston we work with small and medium sized businesses to efficiently and proactively handle all of their legal matters, from corporate formation, to assisting with business development to heading off and, when necessary, handling legal disputes.  We offer our clients responsive, practical and effective assistance they can rely on.


Discrimination matters

Our attorneys have experience representing both plaintiffs and defendants in discrimination matters before the Massachsuetts Commission Against Discrimination ("MCAD") and beyond.  We also provide risk assessment to clients who are developing policies to comply with MCAD regulations, and have provided training to landlords and other constituencies on their rights and responsibilities under the Commonwealth's anti-discrimination laws.


Landlord-Tenant Dispute Resolution

We represent both large and small landlords, with a goal of assisting them in the preemptive, effective and efficient resolution of tenant disputes and eviction proceedings.  The close, long term relationships we are able to build with our clients is essential to resolving such disputes quickly and in a cost-effectie manner.  We enjoy being the "go-to" firm for our landlord clients. 

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